Buy For You

  • Affordable
    PickUp Express provide Competitive upfront fixed fares for all your deliveries
  • Fast & Safe
    PickUp Express provide you instant and scheduled Door to Door delivery services
  • Multiple location
    you can choose multiple drop off location in one go
  • Skip the long queue
    Save your time with just 2 click
  • Chat with driver
    To avoid any mistake to purchase order you are able to chat directly with driver
  • Live tracking
    you are able to track your individual drive live in your mobile phone
How It Works

with just few click,

  1. Open PickUp choose Buy4Me
  2. Select your shop or retail location and Drop Off location
  3. Choose vehicle type
  4. Put note for driver
  5. All set


Remember PickUp biker able to buy up to RM100 and PickUp car up to RM200 for you.


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