Moving service

  • Affordable
    PickUp Express provide Competitive upfront fixed fares for all your deliveries
  • Fast & Safe
    PickUp Express provide you instant and scheduled Door to Door delivery services
  • Multiple location
    you can choose multiple drop off location in one go
  • Helper
    PickUp can send you up to 3 helper
  • Add moving service description
    To avoid any mistake to purchase order you are able to chat directly with driver
  • Live tracking
    you are able to track your individual drive live in your mobile phone
Looking for a moving service?

Rent our 1-ton lorry and 3-ton lorry from as low as RM60 

1. Choose a lorry size
Select between a 1-ton or 3-ton lorry that is compatible with your moving service requirement
2. Set locations

Key in your pick-up and drop-off locations. You may add-on additional stops along the way

3. Add moving service support

Make your moving affair less demanding with helpers! You can request up to 3 helpers to help you with the moving. If you can’t cover your moving in a single trip, you can always select “Return Trip”

4. Set delivery time frame

We’ve got your back, whether it’s for a last-minute moving or moving arrangement in a month’s time

5. Add moving service description

Do you have any special request for our driver and helpers? A reminder, perhaps? Jot them down in the app before you confirm your booking. Our driver will be alerted to your notes even before the moving begins!

6. Place order

Pay by cash or through e-wallet for a no-frills cashless transaction. Don’t forget to apply a promo code if you have one! Once everything is in order, tap the “Place Order” button to get matched with our lorry driver!

How do we charge?

It’s simple! Just pay a flat rate for the first 10km . Additional charges apply for each subsequent km, extra stops, and helpers.


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